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James Marsden Daily

"Trying to be sexy is NOT sexy." - James Marsden

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Idea from fallon_daily and jackman_daily (as well as others.) Come here and get a daily dosage of James Marsden!

- No spamming, no advertising. Unless if it is somewhat James Marsden related.

- If the paparazzi took pictures of his wife and kids don't use those becuase he has a personal life too and we have to respect that. If it's from a photoshoot or an event then that's cool. But if they are personal pictures of him dropping his kids off at daycare then that is not cool.

- If it is not work-safe please put it under a cut. Same goes with pictures that are HUGE. (use common sense)

- Yes, you can post James Marsden icons here. Actually, the community encourages that.

- No direct link. Try http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.photobucket.com. Please.